Although we have made the portal accessible, we must not forget that we are still in a difficult period of pandemic and that certain facets of our lifestyle must be adapted to avoid the worst.

It is therefore everyone's responsibility to adapt habits that help limit the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. It is in this sense that Annonces Acadie has published some advice to follow during the pandemic period.

It goes without saying that Annonce Acadie does not monitor the actions of these visitors and members elsewhere than on the site itself. The following tips are for informational purposes and we have no control over how transactions are made outside of the website.

Before giving you some advice, it would be appropriate to give you the link to the special pandemic laws of the province of New Brunswick.

Annonces Acadie Tips

The following safety tips have been written assuming that you are familiar with the province's pandemic laws. It is therefore unnecessary to repeat each law. However, Annonces Acadie concerned with your health wishes to add some advice and make it a point of honor on certain paragraphs of the province's pandemic laws.

1- Do I really need this item now?

Sometimes we all tend to spend only because an item is cheap. So, before making an appointment with a salesperson and arranging a meeting, ask yourself the question.

2- Hygienic above all!

Before going to an appointment, make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand. Wash your hands before and after touching the item. If possible, use wet wipes to clean the item before handling it.

3- Safe distance

In addition to washing your hands, it is essential to keep a distance of 6 feet between each individual. If this is not possible, wearing a mask is recommended for each individual.

4- Payment

Avoid cash payments if possible. Use methods such as E-transfer or Paypal etc. If this is not possible, accept cash payment, tickets these days can be hand washed in a bowl or sink. Remember to wash your hands if you wash banknotes.


These 4 simple tips can greatly help limit the spread of covid-19. Although our governments have spent billions on our security and comfort, we must not forget that we are all concerned and it is our responsibility to do our part.

Remember one thing. No one is safe until a vaccine or a way to fight it effectively is discovered.

In closing, it is strongly recommended that you read our rules for prohibited publications during the pandemic. Annonces Acadie wishes everyone health and safety. Thank you all for your interest.